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What are the benefits of buying a car abroad?


Because the cars are made abroad, the options are more complete. Mostly these are options for which you have to pay thousands of euros more.

Financial benefits

You can save thousands of euros by buying a car abroad. Because of the high Dutch taxes, European rules and price differences cars can be bought cheaper. If you buy your car abroad you can benefit from these things.


If you wish maximum certainty, we advise you to search for cars that aren't older than 2 years and don't have much mileage. These cars are namely still under the European warranty and don't have much quality loss. Fortunately these are the cars that are the most interesting to buy.

More choice

With more than 80 million citizens, the German car industry is many times bigger than the Dutch one. Also there is a wider selection of young cars which are extra interesting to buy abroad. You make your choice in a broader range which leads to that your wishes can be easily fullfilled.

No fuss

Buying a car abroad can be a difficult process where a lot of things could go wrong. In the last 10 years we have bought a lot of cars and know what is (im)possible and where the pitfalls are. The service we offer is focused on to take the whole or partial process of buying a car abroad.

Well maintained

Cars that are bought abroad are often well maintained. Besides all the financial benefits you also get a car which is in a perfect state so you don't have to deal with unexpected problems afterwards.

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This is how it works


With a request you give us all the information we need. In turn we are going to put it to work


You receive a offer according to your request. During a personal conversation we go trough the offer.


We contact the car supplier and take care of the whole purchase. We will take care of everything.

Transport & Inspection

After the transport of the car we take care of the inspection at the RDW and the taxes.

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