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When you bring a car abroad, there is much that remains to be done before you can drive your car on the Dutch roads. From the transportation and verification for the Dutch licenseplate to the payment of the necessary taxes. This process requires a lot of work and time. With years of experience and professional expertise, we solve this problem together.



People us

  • In August 2016 I approached Autoveld to bring a car abroad from Germany. They then took care of the whole process: contact the seller, negotiation, examination, transportation to the Netherlands and completion at RDW. Everything in a clear and proper manner. Onur is easily to approach at both email and phone. Also they are very flexible at almost 24 hours a day. After just a couple of weeks we could drive in our new car. I suggested Autoveld to a couple of people and they also consider to bring a car abroad. Onur: good luck!

    BMW 120d
  • Because we couldn’t find our “dream car” in the Netherlands, we began searching in Germany. When we found it we contacted Autoveld. After a couple of smooth and fast talks they arranged everything for us, including the trade of our car. We could drive our “new” car after just 14 days! Autoveld once again, thank you for your fast and easy collaboration.

    Audi A6
  • The boys at Autoveld kept me up to date every day on the state of the process. It was fine to do business together, in the future you will definitely see me again!

    Ford Focus RS

Why us?

  • Benefits
  • No doubts
  • Extra service
  • Benefits

    There are a lot of benefits of buying a car abroad. You can save a lot of money by buying a occasion. Secondly, a car that is bought abroad has mostly more options than a car bought in the Netherlands. Besides that are these cars often dealer maintained. That means that besides all the financial benefits you get a car which doesn't have unexpected problems afterwards. With more than 80 million citizens is the car industry in Germany many times greater. In turn you can make a choice out of more cars so your specific wishes can be made true.

  • No doubts

    With years of expertise and professional experience we can help you to buy a car abroad. We have made mistakes so you don't have to. To make your choice as easy as possible, we inform you precisely about our services. With each step taken together, we communicate accurately so you don't have to deal with unexpected problems afterwards.

  • Extra service

    In addition to helping to buy cars abroad and to offer already imported cars, we can help you even further. The extra service we offer are: Cleaning of the car, installing navigation, alarm, carkit, xenon, window fil, radar detector, laser and chiptuning.

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